The first meeting with my clients always goes the same way - with a warning.

Do you want to lose weight? Yes. There are plenty of counsellors, therapists and courses - you just have to choose. But what if the time just isn't right?

When one scours the internet, there is perhaps not a single food that everyone agrees on. A typical representative of the changing opinions of the professional and lay public is the egg - once demonized and now praised by some as a superfood. Meanwhile, the poor egg has not changed its cholesterol content.

Ideal menu


One of my clients bought a diet-menu on the internet for 1200 CZK. She confided in me that she felt robbed because the guy didn't send her a miracle guide on how to lose weight fast, but a weekly menu based on protein and healthy fats. First of all, nothing miraculous and secondly, she lasted 2 days on the diet....

New Year's resolution - LOSE weight. This year, seriously! Oh, and I also know I can't do it alone, so - what's on offer? Nutritional counseling!

It was one afternoon when the phone rang: "Hello, this is the Police of the Czech Republic. Are you the owner of the car...?" This was followed by the specification of the car, which at home we familiarly called the Quido. This was immediately followed by the crucial information: "You've got plaster on the bonnet."