Labels... to read or not to read?


It was one afternoon when the phone rang: "Hello, this is the Police of the Czech Republic. Are you the owner of the car...?" This was followed by the specification of the car, which at home we familiarly called the Quido. This was immediately followed by the crucial information: "You've got plaster on the bonnet."

The slogan "Help and Protect" doesn't lie. I asked the officers if they could take a broom and remove the plaster... but, come on... I didn't really say that, so let's move on:

The plaster turned out to be about 10 cm wide masonry and about a meter by a meter in size, which meant total destruction for the Quid and the purchase of a new car for us.

It was a matter of course to find out: how powerful the engine would be, what it would run on and in general what all it should have under the hood, the cost of regular service and maintenance, what is/isn't included in the purchase price, the price/performance ratio, the size of the car...

How interesting that when buying a car, it is commonplace to read as thoroughly as possible what everything consists of. And not just when buying a car. We are even commonly interested in the fabric of the clothing we plan to buy. Is the winter jacket full of feathers or foam?

How interesting that this commonplace disappears when buying groceries. Yet what we put in our mouths and what subsequently travels through our guts is at least as important as the safety of the car we drive. So why do we spend time choosing the quality of oil and fuel in our cars and not so much on the quality of cooking oil and our breakfast?

The car will repay us for our care - and so will our bodies.

With clients, we always address food quality much more than quantity. Together, we find that a poor quality lunch is always followed by the urge to "eat something to eat" and conversely, eating quality food causes this insistent need to "have something more after" to gradually leave us.

So when you buy oil and fuel for yourself at the grocery store tomorrow, remember that reading labels is normal. Because the outside of the body always shows exactly the fuel we eat most often.

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