Tailor-made massage

...let your body tune in

Welcome! First time with me for a massage?

Order "90 minutes plus"

90 minutes plus?

Yes, the procedure does not end "5 minutes before". The massage begins at the agreed time of your arrival and ends after 90 minutes, only then you get up from the massage table and get dressed. We will have time to answer questions and discuss professional recommendations.

And how does it work?

My base is within many years of experience and knowledge of anatomy, usage of intuition and the interplay of many massage techniques.

The first meeting always begins with a diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system and a discussion of your medical history. On this basis, I choose specific techniques that will bring the body back into balance. One time it is necessary to focus on a specific muscle spasm, another time it is a total gentle procedure in which the relaxation is found.

Your body receives professional care along with a rest, regeneration and musculoskeletal correction. I do not use only one learned series of touches, the massage is always holistic and tailor-made for you.

What techniques do I use?

My favorites include: Dorn's method, reflexology, cupping, Asian pressure touches and stretching techniques, post-isometric relaxation, soft techniques, working with hot stones, taping, health physical education, and more.

Come and try it yourself :)

TIP: Combine a nutrition consultation and massage into one session