Nutrition guide (not only) online

I tune you from inside if...

  • ... dieting and counting calories doesn't work
  • ... you need some advice
  • ... you are confused about what to eat
  • ... you start over again always from the beginning
  • ... you really want a professional care

Treatments (not only) for your body

I tune you from outside if...

  • are looking for massages, peelings, facials
  • ... you want to pamper your body and your mind
  • ... you need quick help because of a sudden pain
  • ... you want to reward yourself and relax
  • ... it's been hurting for a long time and it's just about time to start fixing it
  • ... you really want professional care

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"After the stress induced by the pandemic and working from home, my weight got out of control due to my bad eating habits. Zuzana taught me about nutrition and how to change the habits with a step by step comprehensive approach that worked for me! I learnt to eat nutritious food that reduced my hunger while discovering delicious alternatives. Her approach is focused in changing the bad habits, working with the motivation. This approach can be used to other important aspects of your life you wish to redirect. It is not a typical diet where you weight the food you have to eat but by becoming aware of bad patterns and learning to avoid them with helpful tools".

Jorge Hurtado, Praha 10

It's easy to enjoy 90 minutes in total bliss. Moreover, in a pleasant environment with a kind and knowledgeable owner. 

She has helped me so much that even after a month I don't feel back pain. 

Thank you very much again, Zuzka.

V.Černá, Prague 5

"Zuzanka is wonderful and kind.

I adore her magical hands!

I highly recommend her to everyone!"

Helena M., Prague 6

Zuzka is a professional in every way. She's a smart, very sweet, perceptive being, acting fragile, but with the strength of Hercules :) But the important information is that her massage is a masterpiece. I definitely recommend everyone to experience this way of taking care of your own body in her way. Thank you Zuzu, I look forward to the next time.

J.Černý, Stodůlky