Zuzana TODAY

Welcome! This is me :) I'm a haptic, the one who loves the touch. By touch you can caress, calm, heal. A masseur must be a haptic in nature but also must have a good knowledge of the human body and have an experience as well.

I am an eternal student loving and enjoying constant learning. As nutrition is such a wide field, studying should be a matter of course. Many opinions, many diets many studies, one just need to find a way around it. I gained my knowledge both at various courses, conferences as well as a part of my university studies in Nutrition and Sports diagnostics.

The human body is beautiful and very complex. It has been with us since our birth and is going to stay till the end. So, let's tune it - from outside and from within :)

Within many years of my experience you will find cooperation with the Four Seasons Hotel and Chateau Mcely, the Iprea Rehabilitation Center, Alkmeon or doc. MUDr. Martin Matoulek, Ph.D., who has long been working with obese patients. 


And this was me :) Much younger and 23 kg heavier, sunken eyes and pimples on the face. It has been a long journey. After graduation, I went abroad, where I spent a total of 8 years. Sometimes I worked part-time as a masseuse or a trainer while attending various courses, lectures and conferences.

It has never occurred to me that the hobby that have had changed me so much might one day become my livelihood.

Well, one day it happened, I flipped the switch. I will never forget my sister's reaction when I told her that I had resigned in the office and became a masseuse and applyed for the Nutrition and Sports diagnostics. It sounded something like this: "Well, finally!!".

And because my sister is 5 years older, she must be right :)