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Mgr. Zuzana Beznosková na

High professionalism, empathy,

alternation of methods and techniques.

Every visit is different!

I've been looking for something similar for a long time.

Balm for body and soul.

I recommend!

M. Markusova, Dobrichovice

I would like to provide references to Mrs. Zuzana, whose services in the field of regenerative massages and

I take nutritional advice

for 2 years.

Holistic approach, willingness to explain and advise things beyond the expected service, professionalism, experience, adaptation to the pain threshold.

Mrs. Zuzana's therapies work, they help, however, the whole package is complemented by a kind, human approach and willingness.

Libuše P., Prague 8

I have a problem with the musculoskeletal system.

The district doctor sent me for massages both to the polyclinic and to a renowned rehabilitation center. The result was zero from the 15-minute "massage".

In Mrs. Mgr. I have only just found out what the massage should look like.

After the first massage, I already felt relaxed and further visits confirmed that my problems were slowly subsiding.

I highly recommend a visit to the master's degree to anyone who has problems with the locomotor system.

Ivan Smolík, Prague 8

Susana has a beautiful gift in her hands,

for me her sessions is my gateway into balance and wellbeing in this fast paced life we are living in.

So she's the best in town for real regeneration session with her endless pure positive energy.

She speaks Czech, English and Spanish.

Highly recommended for all ages!

Yazan Qandah, Hostavice

If you are looking for a therapist who will be genuinely interested in helping you

painful musculoskeletal system,

if you are looking for professionalism

and empathy at the same time

- You are in the right place.

I warmly recommend!

M. Součková, Ml. Boleslav

I've been going to the master's for a year. A visit is always a holiday for me. The beautiful environment, the scent of massage oils and especially the care of the master are an oasis of peace and quiet. I have big back problems. The master always knows immediately what my body needs. After an hour I leave relaxed, corrected and relaxed.

These are my "small spas" in Prague.

I can recommend to everyone.

K. Roubíčková, Prague 5

Pleasant environment, professional approach. Mrs. Zuzanka is a person in the right place.

Thanks to her experience, she can help many problems with various techniques.

I am very happy to return and every visit is a pleasure and a great relaxation for me

"recharging the batteries".

B. Pavlikova, Pitkovice

I'm running back because of back pain

of Mgr. Elm for massages and health exercises for almost a year. Thanks to the professional care of the owner, my chronic problems and back pain have significantly decreased.

In addition, I also appreciate the personal approach and the friendly atmosphere, thanks to which I am

I don't feel like "one of many" here.

I recommend with a clear conscience.

Radek K., Prague 9

Regenerative massage, which I got from Mgr. She indulged in beznoskové, she was not only very pleasant, but also focused on problematic games and miraculously

removed all blocks and pains.

I felt born again, I recommend to anyone who wants to do something for their body and at the same time relax.

N. Habrichová, Prague 5

During rehabilitation paid for by the insurance company and focusing on pain associated with discs (which did not have a visible effect),

I got in touch with a therapist

Mgr. Beznosková, whose services I started using from the end of 2019.

Long-term effect of her regenerative techniques and massages combined

with the recommendation of exercises for home rehabilitation contributed significantly to

improving my health.

That is why I remained her client even after moving to the current workplace.

An experienced and very pleasant therapist

Mgr. I highly recommend the noseless to everyone.

I would especially recommend using the offer of 90 minutes of therapy.

The system of ordering via the Internet is also very advantageous.

Zdenek K., Prague 8

I discovered Zuzana by accident more than a year ago. And since then I have been her regular client.

He will not touch you until he finds out what condition your body is in. And then he perfectly chooses the method of therapy that will benefit you the most.

I always leave absolutely satisfied -

whether my body just needed a light relaxing massage or

eg cupping. I'm already looking forward to the next session. I can definitely highly recommend Zuzka.

Luboš R., Hostavice

I attend massages with Mgr. They have been dripping for a long time and the problems I have come up with are gone.

Very professional approach.

I can only recommend!

Daniel H., Prague 3