Ideal menu


One of my clients bought a diet-menu on the internet for 1200 CZK. She confided in me that she felt robbed because the guy didn't send her a miracle guide on how to lose weight fast, but a weekly menu based on protein and healthy fats. First of all, nothing miraculous and secondly, she lasted 2 days on the diet. Yes, this diet will lead to weight loss, but only if the client can stick to it for a long time. So what is the problem? Why can't we do it?

The ideal diet is the end of the road not the beginning.

You can find thousands of diets on the internet - paleo, low-carb, vegetarian, vegan, vitarian - do you really want to pay for the 1,001?

Nutritional advice is not about specifying an ideal state. It's about getting to that ideal. And each journey is made up of individual steps. Do you want to run a marathon? You need to start with "How to do the first mile" training - because you won't get to the last one without it.

Experience has taught me the importance of time and how we ingrain each of the individual changes we make together in my clients' lives. Does that make sense to you? Then check out Nutritional Counseling as I do it.