Body peeling

The most amazing for your body ...and mind

What is it, anyway? 

A body scrub is one of the most amazing treatments you can give your body - really, really!

Peeling removes old cells from the top of your skin. Meaning the body gets rid of the dead and rough layer so that our skin can breathe properly again. The skin becomes enriched and is able to absorb all the nourishing and fragrant substances contained in the peeling.

How long does it last?

 Body peeling lasts for 90 minutes. And just like any of my treatments, we don't stop "5 minutes before". The treatment starts at the agreed time of your arrival and ends after 90 minutes, only then you calmly get up and get dressed.

And how does it work?

Part 1: Application of the full body scrub

Part 2: Shower

Part 3: Application of bio organic coconut oil

Am I really going to have a shower?

Yes :) The scrub is amazing, but it makes a really big mess!

While you are in the shower, everything around must be cleaned up. Then you enter into a clean room to finish this treatment with an application of coconut organic oil.

What brand of scrub do I use?

I create my own. This guarantees me the quality of the ingredients, which include: himalayan salt, high quality essential oils and of course herbs.


Do not eat heavy foods for about 1-2 hours before the peeling. In general that is the rule for any body procedure as the full belly prevents from good relaxation.

Another recommendation is "don't shave before peeling". Salt contained in peeling could enter even a small abrasion which might be uncomfortable. 

The last peace of advice but not the least: come and try for yourself :)

Come  and  try  for  yourself!

TIP: Combine a nutrition consultation and body peeling into one session