Empty calories


Don't eat empty calories! ...ok, and what is it? We define a calorie as a unit of energy metabolism. Metabolism is the conversion of substances in the body. One calorie is the amount of energy that raises the temperature of 1 g of water from 15°C to 16°C. In the context of food, we talk about kilocalories.

A food accused of being empty calories is one that lacks nutrients. Inhabitants of the northern hemisphere have access to quantities of food that our ancestors never dreamed of. The truth is, however, that what we often find on the shelves are those empty calories. And so the problem today is that while most people are overweight, they are also malnourished.

Statistics say that 6 out of 10 Czechs are above normal weight. One in 5 Czechs is obese - putting us at the top of the EU rankings. Men are third in overweight, women eleventh.

Nowadays, food undergoes industrial processing that gradually strips it of the substances that could nourish us. Such food is empty, it likes to settle in our body and does not bring enough nutrients (quality protein, vitamins, minerals...). It speaks a different language than the one our body speaks. That's why we suddenly miss the ratchet that tells us "ENOUGH! I really don't need any more sugar." Instead, we react in a seemingly senseless way and eat more. And more of the same...more of the same.

How many nuts or plums, for example, are you able to eat at once? And what quantity of milk nut chocolate filled with "ingredients that every good mom needs to indulge her child?"

What next? Understand that this is how it works. Realize that we want to change it. Realize we have a choice. And so let's take advantage of the fact that we have a choice. Anyone can start, anytime - maybe you, maybe right now.

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