Nutrition consultant


New Year's resolution - LOSE weight. This year, seriously! Oh, and I also know I can't do it alone, so - what's on offer? Nutritional counseling!

If you really don't want to go it alone, then this is the time to choose someone to guide you through the change (and more importantly, ingrain it into your life). How to do it? Check out these recommendations:


1. Buying meal plans and counting calories

You can find 1000+ meal plans online. Do you really need 1001 that you will pay dearly for? The problem with menus is that they represent the ideal version of our daily menu. From one day to the next, few people can come close to such an ideal option. You literally have to go at it from somewhere else - see the article Why don't menus work?

2. Box diets

Ugh... excellent business. Try calculating how much you spend per month on boxes + the food you get to eat more because the boxes won't be enough. How much does one month cost you? And one year?

3. Guaranteed fast weight loss results - typically miracle diets

Nowadays, we have a need to have everything right away - in one quick click. If we have to wait half a minute, that's a long time. But the human body doesn't work that way. How long did it take to gain those last 5 kg? Over the weekend? I don't think so... We're not gonna lose it anyway. It's not realistic, it wouldn't be healthy, and it's not sustainable.

4. Weight loss supplements

I'll mention the financial side again. How much do such supplements cost? And do you know that the content of nutritional supplements is not controlled in any way? Therefore, before you opt for one, find out the origin. At. best, you will only pay dearly for a nice box and harmless lozenges. At worst, those lozenges may contain residues of substances that are not only not good for our bodies, but even harmful.

5. Blood tests

Blood tests are the answer to the question "Why am I not losing weight?". Another great business. Blood certainly doesn't lie and the results will tell a lot about what is going on in our bodies. One such test will cost you several thousand crowns. Hmmm... and do you think you'll learn something you don't already know for that price? Something really new that will help you on your weight loss journey?

Know that some nutrition chains hire their consultants primarily as salespeople, only then do they evaluate their nutritional knowledge.

6. Anonymous counseling - neither the price nor the name of the counselor is mentioned

Really beware of the practices of scumbags here. The initial interview is very fast and very aggressive. This is followed by signing and payment for the nutrition counseling. The price is totally unreasonable and inadequate, but - you have already signed.


1. Expertise and experience

If the counselor has a college degree this is certainly a fact that will ensure a certain level. However, there are also many nutrition counsellors with qualifications given by the course, which may not indicate anything bad. For all of them, however, continuous updating of knowledge is essential. After all, nutrition is a field that is moving incredibly forward and is of interest to professionals from a variety of specialisms. What was true 10 years ago is not true today, so it is important to keep up.

2. Respect and kindness

Look for a therapist who you will like at a first glance. Counselling is a very individual and intimate matter. Your time, you want to spend with someone you feel comfortable with, with whom you feel understood.

3. Don't buy fish -> find one who will teach you how to fish.

I guide my clients on the path to inner contentment. My goal is not for you to be dependent on a Nutritional Counselor for your entire life. My goal is for you to be able to put your diet together in a way that is good for your body and soul.

That's exactly the kind of Nutritional Counseling you will find with Zuzana.