Weight Loss and Good Timing


Do you want to lose weight? Yes. There are plenty of counsellors, therapists and courses - you just have to choose. But what if the time just isn't right?

You can think of a weight loss course as a new hobby - say you get a puppy. Having a dog at home is quite a nice hobby. It just takes time, energy and attention. And let's face it, that puppy will ask for everything. So you roll into the park at 6:00 a.m. with your dog on a leash, whether there's thunder or lightning or the sun in the sky. And you wonder - was it worth it? Was the timing right for this new element in my life?

Everything has its time. Even a weight loss course. Ask yourself questions:

  • Do I even want to lose weight?
  • Why do I want to lose weight?
  • And do I really want to lose weight? ...or is it just your boyfriend, friend or girls at work talking about it?
  • Is it so important and pressing for me that I am willing to subordinate my current regime to a new hobby?

You answered YES to everything -> go ahead and feel free! Now is the time, which means the effort will yield results. Find your guide to the world of nutrition and go for it head first, because there's no waiting.

Or would you rather do it on your own, in the peace of your own room and, more importantly, whenever it suits you? Then there's the How to Healthy Weight Loss Online Course!

Are you hesitating? Think again about the questions above. If lifestyle change is not your priority at the moment, wait some more. The fact that the whole world is losing weight is no reason to follow suit when you have it differently now.

And if you're not sure one way or the other - get back to me, maybe we can figure something out together.